These photographs below are original portraits shot on glass plate at W W Winter Photographers Est.1867. 

This project Derby Anon is a response to the anonymous, unknown sitters of Derby that now rest forgotten in the archive. These unknown faces are Derby's history they will be paired with people in Derby 2014 to create connections through time.

Over the next few months Debbie will be recreating these photographs, using traditional glass plate techniques and inviting Derby residents and visitors to sit for portraits in response to these works.

To take part:

Debbie is looking for sitters who have some connection to Derby and a visual connection to the original sitter, this might be a smile, a look in the eyes, similar hair... anything. Gender, age and ethnicity are not important. 

So, if you think you or someone else you know with a Derby connection looks anything like one of these original sitters please get in touch and make history! Your photograph will be added to the W. W. Winter archive, you will receive a print of your image and the of original portrait you have been paired with, the work will be shown in an exhibition at FORMAT International Photography Festival in Derby in 2015.